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Getting a Tattoo стр.43

Getting a Tattoo стр.43

A temporary alternative?

A) For those who might not be ready for the plunge, but are seriously considering what it would look/feel like to have a tattoo we recommend this. Temptu now has a web page at which describes their products. The following is from Roy at Temptu:

"The rice paper temporary tattoo you...mention is made in New York by Temptu studios. It is a cosmetic ink printed on an archival cigarette-like tissue paper. Special cosmetic inks are then used to paint in the 'tattoo.' The result is totally realistic, waterproof, and longlasting (yep, up to 2 weeks!)

"This process was used in _Cape Fear_ on Robert de Niro, _Once Were Warriors_, and currently on Sean Penn at the end of _Dead Man Walking_. Also see Bruce Willis' Head in _The 12 Monkeys_. It was invented by Dr. S. Zuckerman for the film _Tattoo_ (Bruce Dern/Maude Adams in 1981.

"Often we are asked to create at temporary tattoo for someone who wants to 'test drive a tattoo,' so they can decide on position, color, before deciding what and where.

"Temptu primarily develops semi-permanent body art. Current interests include working on a 'safe' and legal line of tattoo inks, airbrush body art, and Indian Me-handi (henna). I work closely with the New York Body Archive, a strange and wonderful place!"

Roy adds one of comment: "I'm frequently asked about the six-month tattoo you mention in FAQ. East Coast people say it's available in California. But this is bullshrt. No such animal!"

B) For some, the easiest thing to do is to simply draw on the skin with a non-toxic marker. In fact, many people who already have tattoos do this to figure out placement and design. If you want it to wash off right away, use something temporary. Crayola's washable markers work well. I you wanna see if you can live with a design for a couple of days, try a permanent marker such as the Sharpies. They come in basic colors.

C) MEHENDI: In some countries such as India, brides are covered from head to toe with intricate bridalwear (including the face). To try to show off as much of what skin they can show, they paint their hands and forearms with something called henna. Henna, when applied correctly, stains the skin and can last several weeks. Mehendi has become popular with the mainstream, with a number of mehendi tattoo shops cropping up in some cities such as Berkeley and Los Angeles.

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