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Getting a Tattoo стр.62

Getting a Tattoo стр.62

According to the Navy Environmental Health Center Medical Corps in Norfolk, Virginia, each year, a few cases of Hep-B are reported in people who've gotten tattoos within the last two months, but they have not been able to trace the disease back to its source, nor attribute it directly to the tattoo.

Becky Fenton says: "I spoke with a disease infection specialist at Kaiser [Permanente-US West Coast health care system], and there have not been any incidents (as of 1990) of HIV being spread *to* a recipient of a tattoo. If you think about it, the tattooist is much more at risk, as s/he has to touch the customer's blood.

David Zinner notes that a blanket statement regarding the use of autoclaves could be misleading. While an autoclave will kill the HIV virus, it is not because of the efficacy of the 'clave, but because of the weakness of that particular virus. Far more insidious is Hepatitis, which is more tenacious, and which a 'clave does not always kill. He has gotten all of his info from CDC, by the way.

The irony, he says, is that now virtually anyone can afford a 'clave, because many hospitals are selling them secondhand for a very good price, and switching either to disposables, or purchasing dry-heat or chemical sterilizers. Chemical is the best rated, and he says that his friend's business has increased because of the precautions he takes.

In response to David's well-founded concern, Dr. Milton Diamond from the UH School of Medicine who has been researching sexuality for 30 years, says: Hepatitis is easier to transmit than HIV but all the bugs will be killed IF the autoclave is run properly (i.e., set hot enough & long enough). Some instruments can not, however, be autoclaved since they cant take the heat. These have to be sterilized with viracides, "bug"acides and so forth. In any case, here in the States, EVERYONE should be using disposable needles.

The chemical bath is only as effective as how fresh is it, how concentrated, what chemicals, how "dirty" or contaminated the instruments, how long in the bath, which particular bug is under attack, etc. It is not the device, autoclave or chemical bath, that is as important as the operator. There are many different bugs out there. HIV may be one of the most deadly and Hep among the more easily transmitted but many others have to be considered (including Chlamydia, the infection rate of which is 20%!) and "he who aims at one, hits one." "Mo betta aim fo dem all." If the artist or piercer is conscientious, reliable and knowledgeable, either device could serve. Again my general rule still stands: "EVERYONE should be using disposable needles."

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